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Tips for Effective Time Management | דניאל קלוגהפט | אתה מסוגל

Have you ever thought to yourself that there aren’t enough hours in the day?

If you have, this article can help you!

Get Clarity: Be very clear about your aims and ambitions, both short and long term.

Write them down.

Once you know what you really want to achieve (and why) it’s easier to make decisions about what needs doing, and to plan accordingly.

Top priorities

You’ll be more productive when you focus on the areas most important.

Work on the fundamentals first.

Schedule time

Literally write an appointment in your work planner to set aside time for your priority actions.

This reduces anxiety over not having enough time and keeps you focused.


Learn how to say no.

Always check your schedule before committing to anything new.

Don’t allow others to divert you from your objectives.

Reality Check

Ask yourself – will doing this take me towards my goal?


It’s tempting to do something yourself when you think you can do it faster and better. But maybe somebody else can do it for you, so you can do more importanat things.

Do it Again

What strategies and techniques did you employ that made you so effective and focused in the past?

Can you repeat them?

Alternatively, imagine you are going away tomorrow and work through today accordingly.

Life is a Circus - Learn to Balance

Schedule personal activities too, so you make time for family, friends, your health and fun!

Time management is really about life management!

End the day

At the end of the working day, make notes about what needs doing tomorrow and prioritise those tasks.

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