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20 Inspiration Tips | אתה מסוגל | דניאל קלוגהפט

20 Inspiration Tips

1.Make a conscious effort to live in the moment in order to appreciate and be grateful for yourself and others around you.

2.Several times a day, stop what you’re doing to watch what others are doing. Make note of people and events that inspire you in some way.

3.Develop and write down strategies to help you combat/counteract doubt, fear, and making excuses.

4.As you interact with a variety of people today, note strong emotions you feel, such as anger, fear, impatience, etc. Reflect on how each interaction and emotion helps you become a better person or meet a goal.

5.We all need a little tough-love and no-nonsense honesty sometimes. Examine your attitudes and actions to make your environment conducive to honesty and encouragement.

6.For each of your goals, identify several people or role models who have succeeded in meeting a similar goal.

7.Each day, make it a goal to inspire someone who is having a difficult time. In other words, offer to help someone or go out of your way to be courteous.

8.Write down realistic and unrealistic fears that pop into your mind as you try to meet a goal. For the ones that pop up most often, counteract them using a hopeful reminder that inspires you to continue on the path or complete the task.

9.Things you do which are uncomfortable, slightly painful, or difficult to do help you to “exercise” or develop an area of your life. The more you use and develop an aspect of yourself, the stronger you will become until your strength surprises even you.

10.Sometimes it’s difficult to see yourself as unbiased, the way others see you. This includes your strengths and under-developed areas. Talk with these people to get details of what aspects to look at and the angle or perspective to use.

11.Acknowledge your strong feelings but accept that they will change over time. Don’t let your emotions influence you negatively, keep you from making progress, or make you give up. Make good choices from a rational, emotionally level position.

12.When you feel empowered and confident, recall, write down, and memorize things (or people’s examples) that have inspired you to go beyond what you expected of yourself.

13.In detail, describe what you want to ultimately, achieve. Break this down into smaller SMART goals. These lead you step-by-step to succeed at each smaller goal and eventually guide you to obtain your ultimate larger goal and success.

14.Your gratitude and appreciation helps you to inspire yourself, as well as others. Acknowledge and remind yourself of times when you inspired or helped someone else, through a simple act of kindness.

15.When someone comes to you for some type of help, opinions, suggestions, solutions, etc., accept that the person sees you as a leader and values you. Step up and continue the good work inspiring others.

16.Be mindful of your attitude, emotions, spoken words, and non-verbal communications every time you interact with people. If you aren’t in a “helpful or kind” mood, you may unintentionally send the wrong message and make others feel bad.

17.If you aren’t achieving the success you wanted, make more time to participate in inspiring and encouraging activities to keep you excited about your goals and success.

18.Keep your hope alive. As long as you continue to try, you have a good chance of meeting your goal. Don’t allow yourself to quit trying and hoping for the future.

19.Inspire yourself and others with positive, affirming, statements and reminders of how those strengths enabled you (or others) to succeed in an endeavor. Relive it!

20.Practice turning negative events and actions into positives. Identify how those negative things ended up helping you to make changes that helped you to succeed.

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